Friday, May 7, 2010

Quiet Book

Have you noticed how long the quiet book has been on the list of projects to do? For a long time! Well, it is finally done! It took a while, the nap problems did not help, but I am so happy it is done. Brady really likes it. It will be perfect for church, and our trip to Texas next week.

The cover, with a velcro closure

The next page is Brady's name

With velcro, so he can learn how to spell his name.

On this page he can take the apples on and off the tree, and count them. He can also put the apples in the basket.

Stop light

With velcro to match the colors. He always tells us to "go go" at stop lights and we are trying to teach him that we have to wait for green lights.

The car page

He can drive the car and put it back in it's house.

Matching shapes

The farm page

With little finger puppets inside, chick, pig, and cow. (Those eyes later ended up in someone's nose, so I had to take them all off and draw them on. googely eyes are not good for some 22 month olds.)

The dresser with doors that open and have clothes inside

Then you can take the clothes and dress the boy

Clothes-less boy

Art pages

He can display his art work here once he is done

He can color lots of wonderful art work.

The back has a pocket that can store extra fun things or treats in.

Here are all the fabulous links for quiet book ideas. I am so thankful that there are creative people out there that I can steal (I mean borrow) from.
The Quiet book Bible
Where I got the farm page
A quick and easy book
Another cute book

So there it is, my labor of love. I hope to add different pages as Brady gets older, and when he needs more complexity for his brilliant little mind!

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