Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am freaking out! I am famous, well in blog land.

Just reading my blogs like I do every day, and I started reading the newest post on one of my top three blogs, Prudent Baby. I love reading what these ladies do, and how talented they are.

So, I am just reading along, and all the sudden I see my bib! What how did that get there?
Every once in awhile they show what some of their readers have done with their patterns/tutorials, and they showed mine. Yay! I was/am shocked, but elated. I did not contact them, somehow they found me, and I don't think the bib is even that good, but I am still excited to be recognized. Read this post to see more.

Friday, January 29, 2010


For Christmas my wonderful Mom and Step-dad gave me a crochet starter set. I immediately fell in love. It is similar to knitting, but I think there are more things and options you can do with crochet. It took me two hours, trying to teach myself out of the book I received, but after a 6o second video online, it clicked and there was no turning back.
My first project was a ruffled scarf. I found the pattern in the book, but it is very similar to this project. It was super easy, and a great beginner project.
Sorry, I did not feel like modeling, but it is really cute on.

My second project was a hat. I was trying to make a baby hat. BUT I ended up making a big hat for myself. It is kind of a beanie, or a really cool hair net! Not what I had imagined, but wearable, and a great learning experience.

A motion shot of Brady wearing the hat. (He sits still for NOTHING!)

So give crocheting a try. You can find hundreds of videos and lessons online, and once you start, you won't stop!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day

I don't normally decorate for holidays, other than Christmas really. But after having Brady, everything seems like more fun when it is decorated. So I decided to do a little decorating for valentine's day.
I set a very small budget, like $2 small, so I did not have much to work with.
First I bought some candy hearts, for a dollar, and placed them in a vase. Then I painted some wooden skewers pink, and glued some hearts to the top. I tied a little bow around the vase, and here is my valentine's center piece.

It kind of looks like a craft Brady helped with, but he didn't. Oh well I still like it.

Next up, I found a piece of a 4 by 4 in the yard from the new construction behind our house, and have saved it for awhile. I finally knew how I wanted to use it. First I used my jigsaw to cut them in 4 inch sections.
(My Dad would be so proud, he made me but that thing 6 months ago and I finally used it, by myself! Makes me want to do the tool man Taylor grunt thing)

Then I painted the corners and sides

Finally I modge podged scrapbook paper and letters on them to spell out LOVE.

Not sure how they will go but I also really LOVE these blocks, cute! Oh and Brady likes to play with them too, so it is a win, win.

Next was a dish towel. I forgot to take pictures of the process, but I cut up a flour sack from the dollar store, sewed on some hearts, a button, and some trim. I sewed the flour sack the size I wanted, right sides facing one another, leaving a hole. I turned it right side out, and top stitched around the whole thing. I would of loved to have had red thread to do my top stitching, BUT that would involving spending more money, and dragging Brady to the store. So that did not happen. First thing Brady did after seeing this after waking up from his nap was try to get the hearts and button off. He is so destructive, aren't all boys?

Hmm maybe I should do less crafting, and more cleaning of that oven, but that is no fun! :)

Lastly was my burlap wreath from this post. I simply sewed a ribbon to each felt heart. That way they can easily come off, and be used for next year. I started to add bows and more junk, but then I decided I liked it just like this.

This is my favorite valentines day craft, and I can't wait to change this wreath for other months.
My only question is: Is it wrong to leave up my wreath all of February? Or will my neighbors freak out like I do when Christmas lights are up past January 1st? (My neighbors lights are still up by the way! It is Jan 27th people! At least they don't come on anymore.) Can you tell my pet peeve?
Anyway! Hope you have a wonderful month full of LOVE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seasons Wreath

Burlap wreaths are the "it" thing in blogland right now, it seems. So of course, I needed to make one. I wanted mine to be plain, so that with each season and holiday I could make it look different.
There are plenty of tutorials, and it is super simple, but here is a helpful tutorial.
*Warning, burlap is messy*
Here are my pieces of burlap ready to string on my wire hanger.

Half of the wreath is done.

Finished product, cute plain, but a simple bow could look awesome.

I have big plans for this wreath, so stay tuned.

Tutu's and more baby stuff

I LOVE baby girl things. Just for this reason, I am sure I will have five boys! Anyway, I really had to make a tutu for my friend's baby girl, and a matching hair clip. You can find tutorials anywhere online, and it was super easy.
It would look much better on a cute model, but I only have a little boy, and my husband would kill me if I put him in a tutu.

The hair clip was made from tulle, ribbon, the backing is felt, and the clip is a simple snap clip. Total, took maybe five minutes.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I found a different fabric for my friend who is having a baby girl. My friend Jenn is an awesome, supportive, Army wife, so her baby girl NEEDED so cute pink camo. Once again, I did a bib, burp cloth, wipes case, and diaper case. I added a little bow on this one and it made it even cuter.

I have had these done for awhile, and I am finally going to ship it this week. Hope that she likes it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby stuff

Some of my first sewing projects were baby gifts I was trying to make for a friend. I made a bib, burp cloths, diaper case, and diaper wipes case. I actually ended up finding a cuter fabric, so everything I made I did not give to my friend. (Any little girls need some cute stuff?)

With my first project, I learned a few things...
- Iron everything
- Get a rotary cuter
- Learn how to sew straight (still learning) :)
- If you are going to blog about it, get a better camera (Still waiting on that one)

Here is what I made...

I used this tutorial along with a pattern I had, for the bib. Easy and quick.
pre-sewn bib (Please forgive my pictures, I realize that my camera is not the best for this type of picture taking.)

Finished bib, I still may add a little bow on the pocket

I used this tutorial for the burp cloth. It was really so easy, you don't need a tutorial.
Here are the pre-sewn burp cloths. I used a nice terry cloth on one side.

Finished burp cloths

For the diapers and wipes case, I used the links that Samster Mommy used. Once again these were super easy, and you almost did not need a tutorial or pattern.

Wipes case materials

Finished wipes case

Finished diaper case

Everything finished!

I learned a ton, but most of all I had a blast. Have any little baby gifts to buy soon? Try something like this and Mom and baby will love it.


Hello and Welcome!

My new obsession is craft blogs, and crafting. I read them all the time, and I am LOVING trying out all the new things I am learning. So I decided to start a little craft blog of my own.

I have always enjoyed doing different crafts. I love my applique Christmas stockings and tree skirt, I taught myself how to knit a few years ago, I have been making jewerly for awhile, and I made a ton of stuff for our wedding, almost five years ago.

This Christmas, I received my first sewing machine, which I love. I also received a starter crochet set, which I also love.

There is just something special to be said about something that you handmake. Unfortunately, I am not as creative as I would like. I mostly end up seeing something I like, and re-creating it.

SO this blog will mostly be about my experiences with things I make, and how different tutorials I try, turn out for me. This will also be my place to show off things I am proud of, and show what you should not do, when I mess up.

And of course all of these crafts will take place during nap time, or while Brady is destroying something. Hope you enjoy it!
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