Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everything Room

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to fit an office, playroom, craft room, and guest room, all into one tiny space? Well yes it is possible, and though it may not be the best situation, I have made it work! Want to see?
Here are some before pictures.
 Seriously at it's messiest
Here is the room today. At first glance it does not look too different, but it is much more functional, let me show you.
 First, starting to the right of the room, we have a futon like couch. This is what makes this a guest room. It can fold out to be a bed, and even though it is not perfect, it is a place to sleep.
 Next is the book shelf and filing cabinet area. I have mostly craft things up top, and books on the bottom.
 It may not look like much, but I am able to hold almost everything I need in these baskets.
 Normally, big things get piled on the floor until I am ready for them.
 Desk/ sewing table.
 My favorite. My most used crafty things all in one place, where little hands cannot get them. I got the bar thingy and baskets from ikea, and they are working perfectly.  
 To the left of the desk is fabric. Sadly I have an entire tub full of more fabric in the basement. Yikes!
 Next wall is toys! Tons of toys, and they all migrate into the living room often.
 Brady has his own little art and craft corner
 He also has a bin for his art things. Short enough for him to reach, and tall enough so a little baby could not.
 That is the room. It is not my dream room, and sometimes I feel like it is so full it is barely usable, but it works for us. I can do what I need to do in there with plenty of space. Brady can play in there or he normally brings out his toys to the living room. Because of the laptop, we rarely use it as an office, more like office storage. And we aren't expecting too many guests in the next year, to where they will be uncomfortable. It works for now, and that is what matters!
We are working hard to be able to finish our basement within the next year or so. That would give us another 1000 square feet. A pretty good chunk of that is planned to be a guest room/ craft room. At that point the office will only be a office/playroom. It is amazing how much space all of our stuff takes up! Does anyone else have this problem, or should we be cleaning out some junk?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank you mail man

For my birthday I was blessed to receive two gift certificates to the fabricworm website from my mom and brother. After quite some time browsing and tweaking my order, I finally made a decision. Just a few days ago I received my order, and I was so excited to see my goodies.
 These birdies are one of my favorites. This will be used to make an accent pillow for our room. Can you guess the colors of our room? So cute!
 These are to make a car seat tent if the baby is a boy. I am not sure if I will make the cover before the baby is due, and then give it away if it is a girl. Or maybe I will save the fabric and wait to make a cover once I know for sure what baby is.
 This may be my favorite. It is for the girl car seat cover. Once again I can not decide if I am willing to part with it, if the baby is a boy. Really love this fabric, and I may just have to make something for me with it.
 This is for the baby, if she is a girl. I will be making a coming home outfit for the baby, and this will be part of baby girls outfit.
 And this is for baby boy's outfit.
 And this is for some accent pillows for the living room. Not positive I will use this for that, but I will find something great to do with it.
Excited to get to work, and make some great things. Even though I need no more fabric, why do I still love it so?  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit Plate

I have been wanting to do a few things with our kitchen for some time, but other things have made it fall way down on the lists of priorities. I have some fabric, and lots of ideas, but time and money once again get in the way!
One thing I knew I wanted was the fruit of the spirit somewhere. When I ordered my other vinyl projects, I got a fruit of the spirit vinyl as well. It was listed to go on the wall, but I had it custom made to the size I wanted. I found a large platter at Target, for only $13, and got to work.  
 I lined up and centered my vinyl and then just followed the instructions.
 I found a large, sturdy plate stand at Hobby Lobby, and placed it behind our corner kitchen sink area.
 Easy peasy!
I really love how it turned out, and it makes me motivated to tackle the rest of the kitchen.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts

Can you tell I am procrastinating on showing you pictures of our everything room? It is not like it is some big secret, or a huge reveal or anything, but this weekend should be a massive move of toys from that room, so a lot will change, and then pics will follow.

I currently know 12 pregnant women! A few weeks ago, it was more, but ladies finally started popping out some cuties! The first was a doctor friend of Jeremy's, who he works with. It is their second little girl, and we wanted to get them a little something. Because I have sooo much stuff, I was able to whip up a few girly things without even going to the store.
 A crunchy ribbon blankie with minky
 Minky burp cloths, for spitting up in style
 And a sweet bib with minky on the back.
Everything turned out nicely, and most important they liked it, yay!    

Monday, March 14, 2011

Idea Board

Wow! Time is flying by, and I feel like I can barely keep up. There is a change coming with blogging. If you haven't noticed it is quite sporadic. I have set a goal of twice per week, per blog, so four times per week. After baby comes, only 10 more weeks, then it will be once per week per blog, so twice per week. I think this is quite reasonable. Sorry for the lack of posting but, family, sanity, and sleep come first.
Now, of the few things I made for the wall in the everything room, this is my favorite.
It is my idea, or inspiration board, for ideas of things I want to complete. Of course if I had a picture for all of the ideas in my head, I would need a much bigger board.
I took a piece of cardboard, and some pre-quilted fabric I had left over from something I tried to make for Brady before he was born. I did end up making him a pillow with this, but I still have so much left over. I hot glued it to the card board, and started hot gluing my ribbons on, in the back. The lines on the fabric made it easy to line up the ribbons perfectly. Lastly, I sewed some buttons on to it, and it is done.
The ribbons can hold pictures, or notes or whatever.
Really easy, but I think it is pretty cute.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cork Board

Who is ready for another boring post? Better than nothing, I guess!
Today I wanted to show you the cork board I made for all of the ideas and things I have going on in my head. It is in the everything room, that I promise to show you more of this week.
I simply took a sheet of cork that you can buy at any craft store, and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard. (And then I took terrible pictures...)
I also made a fabric flower, and sewed it on.
Fast and easy.  Practical for me, and I love anything that helps organization!
I have finished baby's crib skirt, the boy bumper, and the girl bumper. Super excited to start on the quilt today, and then I will have all of the baby's bedding done! Pictures soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Memo Board

This post may be quite boring. But I am diligently working on finishing things for the baby's room, and do not have much time for other crafts. I am making the baby's bedding, and it is taking a lot of time. I am also getting really tired recently. I am hoping it is just a big growth spurt for baby, and that is why I am so tired, but it may be just because I am now in my third trimester. Because I am so tired, I am sleeping in until Brady gets up, and going to bed shortly after he goes to bed. During naptimes, (which are getting shorter and shorter) is bible study, a little cleaning, and a little crafting time. After getting out, and cleaning up everything, I really have little time to craft. It will all get done eventually, I hope at least.
I have been in the process of making our office more functional for us. It is a small room, and we are cramped for space, so everything must be useful. In a few days, I will show you the entire room, how I have tried to make it better for us. But today, I just wanted to show you the memo board I made. It was very hard, let me tell you.
First, you take an empty frame, this one I had around the house, and put a piece of paper in it. You can use decorative scrapbook paper, or a plain piece of white paper. I chose to use plain, but I may add something different later.
Then you, glue a piece of velcro on your dry erase pen, and a piece on the frame.
Now it is ready to hang up and use.
(I can never have enough lists. My hubby thinks I am crazy, but the list making is genetic.)
So simple. I have seen some super cute dry erase boards in blog land, check them out!  
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