Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personalized Labels

I wanted to show you how to make personalized labels to go onto your creations. Even if the things you make are just for yourself, or gifts and not to sell, it is still a nice way to add a fun extra to your item. This can also be a way to add a tag to your child's clothing so that things do not get lost. The options are endless, but the process is so easy!
The supplies you will need are:

Ribbon - I like grosgrain, but my favorite to use for this project is twill tape.
Paint - acrylic or fabric paint, color of choice
Scrap felt - I used white, but it does not matter.
Stamps - You can order a custom stamp, but I used some wonderful hand me down stamps from my mom.

So first you want to decide on your label design. Once you have decided on your design of your label, you put down some paint, with felt on top. You let the paint seep through and use the felt as an ink pad.
Then you start stamping your design on your twill tape. I keep the tape all together so that it is easier to store, and cut a label off as I need it.
Here are my two designs, the bottom one I fold over and use like the produce bags, the top one I use to sew more like a flat clothing label.
After I had stamped the entire roll of twill, I ironed it, but that is just because I heard one time that you are supposed to heat set acrylic paint. I do not think that is necessary if you are using fabric paint.
So there you have it. Ready to cut and use. The options are endless. Imagine with different colors and fun, fancy stamps. I told you it was easy. Now go personalize something!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reusable Produce Bags

I am really tired of the plastic produce bags that you get from the grocery store. I have seen plain ole ugly, reusable, slightly expensive produce bags at the store. I immediately thought I could make those cheaper, and cuter too!
I got these lingerie bags at the dollar spot at Target. I have also seen them at the dollar store. Both places had the bags, two for a dollar.
They are a small size with a zipper on them. I cut the zipper off of the bag, but saved that for a later project. (I don't see the sense in throwing away zippers, when I will have to pay for them otherwise. Takes more time, but I think they are still usable.) 
I could of used scraps, but I did buy this fabric at the store, with a coupon of course. I like it because it has both fruit and veggies.
I cut the fabric in strips, about twice the width of the bag, so that it could go all the around the bag.Then I ironed it to kind of create a binding or casing.

Here is the fabric cut and ironed ready to sew around my bag.

I sewed the ends of the fabric strips so that it looks nice and neat.
After pinning the strips in place all around the top edge of the bag. I made sure to sew completely around the edges of the bag and make sure the sides were secure and there are no holes, you don't want any chance for the bag edges to unravel.
(I know, the sewing is kinda crazy, I was moving fast and not being too careful. Normally not so wonky.)
You also want to be sure that there is an opening in your casing for you to insert ribbon to close the bag.  Once you insert your ribbon of choice with a safety pin, tie the ribbon, and heat seal the ends of the ribbon, you are done. I did this three more times, and I have a set ready for the grocery store.
I also added a 31 tag, to make sure that everyone eyeing my bags at the store knows they are mine! It has a 31 on one side and a heart on the other. (Making these tags is easy and fun, I will show you how in a few days.)
No more of these ugly, not environmentally friendly, plastic bags.
Now we have cute, green, earth loving bags. these bags are sturdy, but you and the checker at the grocery can still see your produce in there. They are light weight so you are not adding extra weight to scale when buying your veggies.  
Don't my peaches look happier?

Linking up was so fun last week, I think I will do it again!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two year old Fairy Outfit

For Brady's 2 year old friend, Dacia's birthday I made her some dress up clothes. They are fun and girly and I think she will have fun with them.
The ribbon, ready to bake in the oven at 250 for about 20 minutes or so. This makes the cute corkers, perfect for bows too.
Here is the tutu, with green and white tulle, pink ribbon, and a pink daisy flower. The tulle is sewn into the pink and white cute elastic.
The fairy wand is a wooden dowel with ribbon wrapped around it, flowers hot glued on top and the cute corker ribbons.
I did not purchase the wings, but lets just say I got them from one of my favorite cheap places where everything is a dollar. I sewed and glued the flower on to coordinate with the rest of the outfit.
This is the head band. It is the pink elastic, with corker ribbons.
Her outfit is complete. Cute! Other than the wings, I had most of these things in my stash. This combined with a Alphabet floor puzzle should be a great present for cute Dacia.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play Dough

I used to have a recipe for homemade play dough that my Mom used when I was little, sadly I lost it, so I was really excited when I came across this one. It looked promising and we wanted to give it a try.
Just because a recipe calls for you to do something, that does not mean you always have to do it. For example if you think that a recipe calls for you to pour water into hot oil, over your gas stove, and you think it is not wise, it probably is not! I did not use my best judgement, and stupidly I poured water into hot oil, over a open flame, gas stove! Thank God that Brady was not near the stove, but we were both terrified when the fire started! Seriously, a fire on the stove! I screamed and tried to comfort the terrified Brady, sitting at the island, while Jeremy saved us and put the fire out.  
I am so thankful that Jerm was there, and even more thankful that no one, and nothing was hurt. I learned my lesson.
The play dough turns out, is just fine if you mix the cold water and cold oil together, and then heat them slowly and stir in everything else. As you can tell Brady really liked it, and so did I. I will be making it again, but lets just say, it was a lesson learned!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Acorn Wreath

I have been waiting for labor day to be over, just so I could make this wreath. Sadly, what I had dreamed did not come to pass, but I still really like it.

Ever since we went to a park near my mother in laws, and I saw millions of acorns, I knew I needed to make an acorn wreath. I had little helpers, Brady and my nephew, to help me collect tons of acorns. I tried to collect just the tops, but my little helpers got me all kinds.
Once I got the acorns home, I sorted them and I got all of my supplies together. Ignore the paint, and white ribbon, and add spray paint, and a different kind of ribbon. Have I mentioned how much I love those dollar store wreath forms?
I glued the tops of the acorns to the wreath. I tried to be systematic, but I ended up just trying to cover the wreath.
Originally, I wanted to have a natural acorn color wreath, but the hot glue showed through and I could not stand it.
See all the glue? I had to paint it. I choose to spray paint it brown.
I added the bow, and I think it works well. Someone, who shall remain nameless, thought it looked like poo-poo. I think it would look amazing if our door was a different, lighter color. Do you think it is too drastic to paint my door a different color to accommodate my wreath? I think maybe so!
I am happy how it turned out, and I hope you like it!
I have more fall crafts coming soon, check back!

Also I am trying out my first time to join link parties, I could spend hours on the things other creative people link up. The ones I am linking to are below. Be sure to look at all the wonderful ideas. Should be fun! Here goes nothing!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shop is open!

YAY! I finally have something in the Etsy shop! Check out these fun cute chenille like burp cloths!

Check it out!

While your at it, see the rest of the store. One down lots to go!
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