Sunday, November 18, 2012

Girls Night

I have been wanting to start having monthly girls nights. I eventually want to have a group of ladies to craft with and just be girly with. The first night was double duty. Girls night, while also helping out my friend Cathy who is starting out her Mary Kay biz. I wanted desserts and lots of them, so I knew I was not going to want to wear tight cute pants. I wanted the coziest clothes I could think of, so I decided on a Pajama party!

Only Problem with that is, I did not have any cute Pj's. I typically just wear an old t shirt or maybe some sweat pants. But that isn't fun, so I had to have some new ones. Christmas is coming, money is tight, and I have a ton of fabric, sooo that results in making some pants.

Actually made them into Capri's. I think they are pretty cute. I really like the soft satin ribbon bow. The picture on the other hand....

I sort of looked over this tute before I started, but I kind of just went with it.

They aren't perfect, one leg needs to be fixed, but good enough!

Perfect for my fun evening with the girls.
We had, Peanut butter cookie sandwiches. So good! Recipe here...

Oreo Truffles, Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries, Some Popcorn

And just a good time with Pjs, make up, and friends. One thing I forgot to mention... Because a lot of my girl friends husbands are deployed or out of town, we had kids come also. There ended up being 11 kids, 10 of them boys! It was a crazy mad house. Still fun though! (Next time, no kids!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shoulda whoulda coulda

We are just going to skip over the whole "I am sorry I haven't blogged in forever, I have a million excuses" thing. I am simply lazy, and busy, but mostly lazy.
I do feel the blogging urge right now though. So here is just a little something on my mind.

Do you ever think about doing something, but never get around to doing it? And when you finally do it, you wonder what took you so long? You realize you should have done this long ago. This happens to me often.

Today, Bryson was once again trying to pull out everything out of my wallet at church and spilling everything everywhere, leaving my credit cards who knows where. Then later today he pulled everything out of Jeremy's wallet, mistakenly left on our bathroom counter. It was time. I was going to finally make time to get this baby his own little wallet.

For some reason Jeremy had an old wallet, and I had an old coach wallet (you can't throw that away!) So I found old cards I had given to the boys to play with, like old insurance cards and store loyalty cards. We always have a billion of those. I stuffed them all in the wallet, and voila.
I am telling you it was genius. Both boys were occupied with their little wallets for at least a total 45 minutes throughout the day. So why did I not so this sooner? I should have done this long, long ago! Now I am trying to decide if I should take away the wallets for a few days, and then bring them back.

This one is fun, the pen would make me a little nervous though.

Next on my list to keep my little guy busy....

So you have to tell me, what is something that I should have done long ago? It's the simple things that make Mom's lives easier, and they are too great not to share! Hopefully see you soon friends :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Shocked? Did you think maybe I fell off the earth?
I have thought about blogging often. But then I think, it has been so long, why start now?
For the record I started this on 5/27......

.......And started again 8/29. Don't know is it lack of motivation? Too busy? Lost interest?

Most of my spare time over the past year has been spent working on my Jamberry business. I do like it and it is going very well. However, my passion, the one hobby I love the most is sewing/crafting. I have not stopped, I just never blog about it anymore. I find time to do other things, so I think I am going to find time to do this as well. I have made quite a few things over the past year, but I have not shared them. Hopefully I can catch you up, and start blogging again!

I miss it. I enjoy blogging. I am going to shoot for once a week. Brady starts preschool again in a week, and that makes it just me and the crazy, now old baby 12 hours a week. He will still take naps so I am hoping to free up some time to spend working on some additional things I love.
See you soon? Hopefully less than a year from now :)

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