Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson

Today was our good friend's from Texas, 1st birthday. They truly grow up too fast!

I made him a little present for his big day.

I had seen the idea on this blog, and I really liked it.
He is made out of felt, and his parts attach with velcro.

A pocket to put his extra parts.

I hope he likes it also. Brady did, I would have made him one, but I ran out of potato colored felt.
My crazy model.

I also made Hudson a bib. It has a light weight vinyl so that it can easily be wiped off. Brady was so messy from 12 to 19 months, so I hope that they can use it.

Lastly, I will be taking some time off from blogging. I will have some great crafts to show off after Easter, but until then, check out some of the other great blogs I follow. Have a great Easter!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Finally spring has started to show around here; it was in the mid 60's and gorgeous today. With spring comes one of my favorite holidays, Easter. Also, my camera showed up! So I can finally do some crafts, and take pictures!

Here are a few of our Easter decorations.

A crucial part of my decor is dollar store eggs. I think I got at least 5 packs, love the dollar store.

I changed my burlap wreath by adding some of the fabulous dollar store eggs.

I tried to also add a bow, but it didn't work for me, so I took it off.

In addition to the wreath I did my take on an Easter tree, like Martha's. It is just a vase, with some sticks from the yard, moss in the bottom, and dollar store eggs. Love it though!

The last thing I did with the dollar store eggs was to make a topiary. I got a dollar store pot, some moss, Styrofoam, and I had a rod and ribbon. I covered the top part of the Styrofoam with moss, lots of glue from the glue gun, and also the dollar store eggs. Then I attached all of the parts together and tied a ribbon.

It was fun and I think it looks cute. I do wish that the moss was greener, but sometimes you have to work with what you got.

Ok, enough with the dollar store eggs.
Next up were these super cute burlap bunnies, I found via a blog link party.
I had some left over burlap from my wreath, so I had to give it a try.

Mine was slightly bigger, and it would be great as a pillow, but since burlap is messy it sits near the fireplace. Brady loves him.

Finally, I did another dish towel. It was the end of naptime, so I rushed, but it turned out ok.

Other things that are making our house feel springy...

My birthday flowers (a week old)

I think tulips are my favorite flowers

And another birthday present, this runner that my Mom got me while in Germany.

I really need to iron it, but I looove it. Wouldn't it look great with a matching dish towel? Gosh Mom! Just kidding, thanks I love it.

So that is spring in our house, and just looking around it makes me happy. What spring decor makes you happy? Happy spring everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Extras

Sadly today is the last day of Baby shower week, but I had so much fun sharing everything baby.

Today is about some extras I did for the shower.

First off is one of my favorites, the diaper cake. I love giving these, and even more, I LOVE getting them. It is simply a cake, but made of diapers. They can have many different things on them, google diaper cakes and you can get some great ideas.

Here is the simple diaper cake I made for Becky's shower.

Here is a pregnant me with the diaper cake my cousin made me, so cute.

I made this diaper cake for my friend Jennifer's cowboy themed baby shower. We hosted that shower two and half years ago, and now that sweet baby is potty trained! How do they grow so fast? :(

The party favors for this shower were hand sanitizers, with cute labels on them. The labels thanked everyone for coming, and had the shower date on them.

They were with a sign that said:

"We were so glad you were able to join us on this special day. Jeremiah can't wait for you to hold him and see his cute little face. Take one, and clean your hands, or you will have to stay away! Thanks for coming!"

The sign might have been a little rude, but oh well, I thought it was cute.

Well that's it! Thanks for joining me for Baby shower week.
And thank you Becky for having a baby, and letting me use him for my blog! Can't wait to meet him! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Present

Along with making stuff for the baby shower, I also made the present I gave.

It was a lot of little things, so this post may be long.

I crocheted a baby blanket, similar to this one.

Made some more prudent baby burp cloths.

Another bib, this time it is reversible, and has a J on it.

Big bro and Little bro shirts
I loved these, and I will definitely make more of these for future gifts.

I used iron on fusible webbing for the letters

And I also sewed around the letters to make sure they were not coming off.

Lastly I added an iron-on light interfacing so everything would stay secure.

A prudent baby hooded towel

Car seat cover
I am proud of this one, because it is pretty original, and I did not use a pattern. It was super easy, though.
Becky and I saw one similar to this in the mall one day, and she really liked it.
Because the baby will be little while it is warm outside, I made it out of lightweight cotton, but it could be made with fleece or something else for the winter.

Unlike car seat tents (which are really cute), it has a hole in the top so you can easily see how baby is doing.

It is elastic on the bottom, so it can easily fit different car seats.

It is also reversible, love that fabric.

Finally, I put a little baby book and all the things I made in a basket, and it made a great present.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Shower Week - games

After decorating onesies, we played two additional games.

We played one of my favorites, present bingo. While mom to be, Becky opened her wonderful presents, everyone else was playing Bingo. Instead of making time consuming Bingo cards, I made blank bingo cards, and everyone filled them in. Each square was something they thought she would receive as a gift. This was so much easier on me, and everyone had fun because they were basically guessing what she would get. I had a list of suggestions in case anyone was stumped, and I also suggested that everyone put down what they got her. Both first and second place received a prize

I forgot to take pictures, but it was fun and some of those ladies got pretty competitive.

I also had everyone write diaper notes. I pieces of card stock cut into diaper shapes, and everyone took a note or two and wrote down some advice or encouraging words. We placed them in an empty diaper wipe container I decorated. Now when Becky is changing the 50th dirty diaper of the day, she can take a break and hopefully smile at one of the notes written to her.

All the activities were fun, and I think everyone had a good time with them.
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