Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Men Ties

I love to make things for my sweet boys, and I love it even more when they match! 
 Bryson was dedicated at church on Sunday. So I made the boys matching ties, from this pattern. It was really quick and pretty easy.  
 Aren't they absolutely precious!?! 
 Such a wonderful day. Those boys are going to do some awesome things for God's kingdom. They have already done some pretty amazing things in our lives! I am so thankful for them. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Handmade Gifts

You know you are up too late when, you are still awake and your baby wakes up for one of his nightly feedings. I will be having coffee tomorrow, but at least the floor is mopped. Oh and pictures are not edited at all, it is way too late for that! 

I say this often, but I love receiving and giving handmade gifts. I love it when something you work hard on, can make someone else happy. 
Recently I just laugh when people say something like:
 "cute, where did you get this?" 
I say, "I made it." 
"You made it?!?" 
Then I smile, while thinking how is it so unbelievable that I made that? 

Anyway, my friends are slowly starting to realize my awesomeness. :)

The birthday parties have started. We haven't had too many until now, but with preschool, is sure to come many parties.

This gift seems great for a three year old, and it is super inexpensive.  
 A crayon roll, coloring books, and a little backpack. 
 I think it is pretty cute. I would wear it! I used the noodlehead pattern. She makes some great patterns if you need something. Love how clear and easy to follow her tutes are. 
 Our little friend loved it also. 
 Another gift was for a new baby boy. 
 A ribbon blankie, but this one had bells in one corner.
 Soft flannel, super soft minky, different textures ribbons, crunch inside, little bells. Awesome sensory blanky. Bryson loves his, but he may need one with bells.
 There is also a longer snap ribbon for a toy or paci. Combine that with a store bought swaddler blanket, (love those things), and it makes a great gift.
The ribbon blanky is making its way back to the etsy shop very soon.
I have to ask your opinions. Long ribbon for toy or paci, or without. We don;t really use paci's so Bryson is great without needed that extra ribbon, but maybe other babies would like it. Hmmm maybe both?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picture Wall

I have wanted to change up the style in our house for a while. I am starting slowly, like one thing each month, slowly. By the time that I am finished and satisfied I will probably want to change it up again!  Way back in July I decided to start one of my first changes, a picture wall.
I forgot to take a picture of the large picture in our living room, but the is the picture that was in our living room, just a little deconstructed. More on that another day.
It was fine, but it meant nothing to us. I want things in our home that are meaningful, and really add something to our lives. So while we were on our summer vacation in Southfork, Colorado we had my sister-in-law and her boyfriend take some fantastic family pictures.
I made pieces of paper the same size of some of my picture frames that I already had. I used the IKEA online site to find the additional frame sizes that I needed, and then we did not have to measure frames in the store while children where having meltdowns. I ordered the size prints I needed online from Costco, they were surprisingly inexpensive. 
After we had all the frames, I could spray paint the ones that were other colors, so that they were all a nice white. By using frames that I already had, I saved a ton of money. IKEA frames are really inexpensive, but not free!
Some of the pictures are on ledges (from IKEA), and some are actually hung on the wall.  I love that all of the frames are different.
In addition to the pictures in frames, I made a few things that are unique for us. First is this picture.
It is our birthdays and the day we were married. Our important dates. (Thanks for the idea pintrest)
Next is maps cut into hearts of a few special places. Where we met, where we were married, and where we live.

I am trying to add teal accents to the decor, so there is our Y, and this heart wreath.
Although, because it is fall, out currently, is our fall wreath.
So there it is, I love it. It makes me happy to look at my beautiful family, and be reminded how truly blessed I am. Much better than a random flower picture.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am writing this post so that tomorrow I will have something to hold me accountable and I will actually blog! I just need about two more hours in the day. Is that so much to ask for?
See you tomorrow!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Glass reinvented

Have you ever had craft supplies for a project for over a year and finally done it, and then wondered why it took you so long? No, just me? I seem to have a few things like this. My craft stash is getting quite full! This was one of those projects.

These have been all over the internet, but I still wanted to share my version. If you need a certain piece of glass, but can not find it or do not want to spend a fourtune, this is the project for you.

So easy, I am really kicking myself for waiting so long.
You just need a few supplies, E-6000 glue and your glassware that you want to work with. The cheaper the better I say, I got mine from the dollar store.
You simply add some glue where you want to attach your glass pieces, put them together.
Then you set something heavy on them and let them sit for awhile. I set mine aside for 24 hours. 
Now they are ready to use! I used mine at a Jamberry party for a vase, and place for some chocolate covered strawberries. 

Now the hurricane is part of my fall decor, and the pedestal plate is all ready for some sort of cake :)

If you need some new decor consider this, and you can use all types of plates not just glass. 
I love this idea! 
Have a fantastic week! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tp roll updates

Hi! I am still here! Do you ever need a sort of unplugged break? Sometimes I do. So that is what I have been up to for a few days. I am still crafting up some goodies, as always. I have run out of toilet paper rolls, so I am sort of at a stand still. Don't worry, we should have more soon.

In the meantime, how about we look at some awesomeness from other toilet paper crafters?

And lastly check out this blog fully dedicated just to toilet paper roll crafts.
I really hope you are saving those rolls!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love those Teachers

Last Thursday my sweet boy started his first day of Preschool. He was thrilled, and he loves going to school.

We decided to give his teacher and aid a little "thank you for being my teacher" gift.
 Thanks to Pintrest we had some great ideas. 
His teacher was surprised to get a gift on the first day of school, but I say why not.
I really value the teacher that teaches my son, so I say we need to spoil them every chance we can. Lord knows they don't do it for the money!
We love school, even it is only 5 hours a week, we are both benefiting from it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am famous, at least in crafty blog land. But still, I am so honored. And this feature totally made my day.

Check out the shout out! Oh and can someone please buy something from my ETSY shop and fill up my paypal account, so I can then go buy something from her ETSY shop? K thanks!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Tree Pillow with TP roll Leaves

My usage of toilet paper rolls in crafting is becoming a little obssesive, but at least it is free! Our recent craft was made by both Brady and I, and I love it! I am not really ready for fall, even though it is probably my favorite time of year. This pillow helped me out, and I think I am now ready to get out some fall decorations, and I am looking forward to all of our fun fall traditions.
 For our pillow we used some canvas type fabric, it is pretty tough stuff. Not really comfy, but resilent, and worked great with the paints we used.
 To start I painted Brady's arm and hand brown and we stamped the fabric so that it looked like the base of our tree.
This is when Brady got side tracked, it happens easily, so he decided to paint some fabric of his own. He made a nice pillow, with jingle bells in it, out of the fabric. 
 Meanwhile, I used sections of a toilet paper roll to stamp leaves all around my tree. I did one color at a time, and used green, red, teal, and yellow. 
I let each color dry before starting a new one.  

You can speed up this process with a blow dryer. (Brady paints in his underwear. This stuff stains, and I have enough laundry with my precious, explosive pooping baby.) 
 My favorite part is the heart with the Y, for our last name, and the year on the tree. I did this with a toothpick.
Once all is dry, I added some ribbon along the top and bottom that my Mom got me from Russia, isn't it pretty? 
I sewed it all together, with an invisable zipper at the bottom, so that it can fit on our current couch pillows.
And there it is, all done. A fall pillow, and it can be used year after year, and since it is just a cover, it will not take up too much storage space.
Anyone else gearing up for fall?
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