Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He is here!

Meet Bryson Carter
Born at 7:00p.m., May 19th, 2011
 6 pounds 12 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long, and perfect!
Best project ever!
We are all so in love!
Considering how long this post was a draft, I may not blog much, but I will try to by next week.
Loving life and my boys!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cozy Girl Blankie

Still no baby. It will come eventually right? I am really trying to keep my mind off of baby, and on other things. I would be walking constantly, enjoying the gorgeous weather and trying to walk the baby out, but it has been unseasonable cold. This is normally one of my favorite times of year, but it has been cold, rainy, and even a little snowy. So ready for warm weather, to stay.
All of this coldness has made me realize that when the baby is born, if it is still cold it will not have much to wear. Brady was born in the middle of summer, so we did not have to worry about extra warm newborn clothes. Thankfully, I do have warm boy blankies, so the baby could be snuggled up. But if the baby is a girl, she only has her two summery outfits, and a few gender neutral swaddling blankets. 
I have a ton of fabric laying around for other things, so I knew it would be super easy to make a cozy girl blankie. It was easy, and only took a few minutes. It has rounded corners, one side is flannel, and the other side is a soft minky like fabric. Sadly I forgot how hard it can be to sew the minky like stuff. Much harder than real minky. It stretches, and bunches, and makes things look kinda weird. You need to pin a ton, which my lazy self did not do. So the blankie is not perfect, in any sense, but babies don't notice that. 
They just know that it is soft, warm and cozy. It will be nice on cold Colorado nights, and nice to snuggle with. Does not hurt that it was free. Even if our baby is not a girl, this blankie can go to one of my millions of pregnant friends. So convenient.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Hat

I am going to be honest, my motivation to blog right now is little. I did plan on doing some blogging, then blogger was down. I have been getting a ton done in the morning, but by afternoon and naptime, when I have time to blog, Mommy needs a nap too. I have been trying to keep busy so I don't think about how much I want our baby to be here, and how uncomfortable I am, but I did not plan on feeling so badly. I am so blessed to be pregnant, and have a healthy pregnancy so I will not complain too much, but I really can not wait to meet our baby!

I have had little energy, so I have not completed many projects. I have some that are almost done, but resting has been more important.

I did crochet a little hat a few weeks ago. The thing I love about crochet is that I do not have to move to do it : ). I would do more if i knew what the baby was, maybe some booties or a blanket. Maybe that will be something to work on after baby gets here.
The hat is simple, and gender neutral. So it should be perfect for a little boy or girl to snuggle up in the hospital. (oh please let that be soon!)

If I happen to still be pregnant next week, I should get Brady's quilts for his bed done, finally. I also need to take pictures of the Big brother, little brother, little sister shirts I made. It will all get done someday! Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finished Baby's Room

Baby's room is finished and I finally took pictures. It is exciting to know that in just a few weeks I can show the baby it's room. It will also be nice to know if it will be a boy room, or a girl room.

Pictures are not very good, but I promise the room looks pretty great. Not typical baby nursery, but I am really liking the bright bold colors.

View from door, girl version 
 View from door. Curtains, changing table, dresser. I still really hope to make a new diaper changing pad cover, but we shall see.
 Rocking chair ready to sing a sweet baby to sleep.
 The girl pendant, with Abigail on it.
 Girl bedding

 Mobile with animals. Slightly boyish, so I might change it if the baby is a girl.
 View from the rocking chair. I will add a growth chart above the toy box once I know what the baby is.
 Baby boy version. No name on the pendant yet, but it will most likely be Bryson or Bryce. For now everything is just pinned together.

 I hope that the baby likes it. But no matter what it is the baby's room, and I can not wait to get this little one home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby's Room Pillows

Pillows are so nice and easy to make, that I had to make some for the baby's room. When Brady was a baby, pre-sewing machine, a pillow was the only thing I made for his room. He still uses it sometimes. 
 The girl version is a cut our gathered heart. I was trying to make something close to this, but what I got is just fine too.
 The back is just plain red pre-quilted fabric. (love using up the old fabric around here)
 The boy pillow is the red fabric, with an appliqued car to the front. Can you tell it is a car?
 The back is just some of the car fabric.
Both took less than a naptime to make, and were super easy.
I love easy things!
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