Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shoulda whoulda coulda

We are just going to skip over the whole "I am sorry I haven't blogged in forever, I have a million excuses" thing. I am simply lazy, and busy, but mostly lazy.
I do feel the blogging urge right now though. So here is just a little something on my mind.

Do you ever think about doing something, but never get around to doing it? And when you finally do it, you wonder what took you so long? You realize you should have done this long ago. This happens to me often.

Today, Bryson was once again trying to pull out everything out of my wallet at church and spilling everything everywhere, leaving my credit cards who knows where. Then later today he pulled everything out of Jeremy's wallet, mistakenly left on our bathroom counter. It was time. I was going to finally make time to get this baby his own little wallet.

For some reason Jeremy had an old wallet, and I had an old coach wallet (you can't throw that away!) So I found old cards I had given to the boys to play with, like old insurance cards and store loyalty cards. We always have a billion of those. I stuffed them all in the wallet, and voila.
I am telling you it was genius. Both boys were occupied with their little wallets for at least a total 45 minutes throughout the day. So why did I not so this sooner? I should have done this long, long ago! Now I am trying to decide if I should take away the wallets for a few days, and then bring them back.

This one is fun, the pen would make me a little nervous though.

Next on my list to keep my little guy busy....

So you have to tell me, what is something that I should have done long ago? It's the simple things that make Mom's lives easier, and they are too great not to share! Hopefully see you soon friends :)


  1. Yes! Happens to me all the time! For real. Either making something or just a simple to-do task I kept putting off.
    Kayla goes through our wallets all the time. And makes a huge mess. I'll have to find an old wallet and do the same.
    I pinned the baby wipes box of scraps too, haven't done it though!

    1. No wonder we put things off, we are too busy! I am pretty sure Kayla, Sean, Brady and Bryson could get in a lot of trouble together! Looking forward to seeing pics of the new precious one!


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