Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book Wreath

It is back to school time, and I wanted a back to school wreath, but I did not want it to be too back to schoolish. Does that make sense, not totally, oh well you know what I mean.

I got a dollar store wreath form, an old book from the thrift store, and I had some buttons and ribbon.

After tearing the pages out of the old book, which I cannot help but feel guilty about (sorry Horatio), I cut some of the pages in half. I then glued them to the wreath form, covering the entire wreath. This was simple and easy, I just used tacky glue because it was what I had on hand.

After the wreath was covered, I cut circles, and made a paper flower. I also glued a button in the center.

The petals of the flower, made from the circles.

First layer of petals of the flower.

Finished flower with button.

Once the flower was cute and ready I glued it on the wreath.
(Don't worry about the white glue, it dries clear, I am just too impatient to wait to take a picture.)

Finally, I attached it to the door with a simple wide ribbon.

So now we have a simple and easy back to school wreath, even if we aren't going back to school. (yet).
*Warning- Be careful how many wreaths you make. Your husband may think they and you are crazy, and get tired of them. (The wreaths, not you.) Really I just think that husband may be jealous because his hobby only involves golf clubs, and not cool stuff like a hot glue gun and scissors.:)*

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