Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Hat

I am going to be honest, my motivation to blog right now is little. I did plan on doing some blogging, then blogger was down. I have been getting a ton done in the morning, but by afternoon and naptime, when I have time to blog, Mommy needs a nap too. I have been trying to keep busy so I don't think about how much I want our baby to be here, and how uncomfortable I am, but I did not plan on feeling so badly. I am so blessed to be pregnant, and have a healthy pregnancy so I will not complain too much, but I really can not wait to meet our baby!

I have had little energy, so I have not completed many projects. I have some that are almost done, but resting has been more important.

I did crochet a little hat a few weeks ago. The thing I love about crochet is that I do not have to move to do it : ). I would do more if i knew what the baby was, maybe some booties or a blanket. Maybe that will be something to work on after baby gets here.
The hat is simple, and gender neutral. So it should be perfect for a little boy or girl to snuggle up in the hospital. (oh please let that be soon!)

If I happen to still be pregnant next week, I should get Brady's quilts for his bed done, finally. I also need to take pictures of the Big brother, little brother, little sister shirts I made. It will all get done someday! Hope you all have a good weekend!

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