Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cozy Girl Blankie

Still no baby. It will come eventually right? I am really trying to keep my mind off of baby, and on other things. I would be walking constantly, enjoying the gorgeous weather and trying to walk the baby out, but it has been unseasonable cold. This is normally one of my favorite times of year, but it has been cold, rainy, and even a little snowy. So ready for warm weather, to stay.
All of this coldness has made me realize that when the baby is born, if it is still cold it will not have much to wear. Brady was born in the middle of summer, so we did not have to worry about extra warm newborn clothes. Thankfully, I do have warm boy blankies, so the baby could be snuggled up. But if the baby is a girl, she only has her two summery outfits, and a few gender neutral swaddling blankets. 
I have a ton of fabric laying around for other things, so I knew it would be super easy to make a cozy girl blankie. It was easy, and only took a few minutes. It has rounded corners, one side is flannel, and the other side is a soft minky like fabric. Sadly I forgot how hard it can be to sew the minky like stuff. Much harder than real minky. It stretches, and bunches, and makes things look kinda weird. You need to pin a ton, which my lazy self did not do. So the blankie is not perfect, in any sense, but babies don't notice that. 
They just know that it is soft, warm and cozy. It will be nice on cold Colorado nights, and nice to snuggle with. Does not hurt that it was free. Even if our baby is not a girl, this blankie can go to one of my millions of pregnant friends. So convenient.  

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