Monday, November 21, 2011

A few more gifts

I am not editing these photos or anything, just wanted to quickly share something. This week shall offically be called craft week, so I am going to have some great things to share once again. Poor blog, so neglected. 

Months ago now, I made a few gifts for some friends and their new babies. 
 My friend  Jennifer had a sweet baby girl, and her Big brother is just elated.
 Now they can matching shirts, and plus big brother feels included.
 Next up was another friend with another little girl. I Loved this quilt top. And I loved the idea of it quilted.
And then I started quilting! I feel like I ruined it. I did not pin enough, and I thought I was using differnet batting.
 Oh well, it is still okay, just very homemade looking, not professional at all.
 At least I can learn from it in the future.
Sorry, that was a bit boring huh? I promise, something good soon, I miss this little part of the web.  Hope you and you family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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