Thursday, April 8, 2010


A while ago I posted about some shorts on my personal blog. Well I got the shorts, three pair actually. That day was a great shopping trip, I got 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans and a shirt for $16! I am a bargain hunter I tell you!

So the shorts were so cheap because they were a size 14. Which is fine but a little large for me. I just had to have them for $1.88, plus %40 off that, so I altered them. It wasn't too hard, and I am happy with how they turned out. They are not too big, but they are also not short and skin tight like the ones my size would have been.

I hope to try them out this weekend, in Vegas! We are going for my sweet hubby's 30th birthday, and I am super excited. This will be the first time I am without Brady for more than 5 hours, not counting sleeping time, so it will be hard for me. But I am so excited to relax with my best friend and have nice peaceful meals.

Maybe I will get some better pics this weekend, but it is hard, I am definitely not a model.

Jerm laughed saying he was blinded by the whiteness of my legs! I agree, but no worries, I just sprayed some self tanner on, and hopefully no one will be blinded.

I also found a super cheap bathing suit, years ago, I think before Brady was born. For some reason, I bought a small top and a large bottom, probably all they had on clearance. I had no business buying a bikini at the time, but it has been a goal of mine to wear it. Thankfully the bottoms are now too big, but once again I like the coverage they have. So to ensure that they wouldn't fall off I took them in too. I did not cut any part of the suit just in case something comes undone. It was super easy.

And I think they were %50 off that price!

Sorry, you couldn't pay me enough to model a bathing suit!

Not perfect, but I am pretty sure no one will notice.

And really, don't worry if you will be in Vegas this weekend, I have a super cute cover up to hide under!

Won't be crafting in Vegas, but I will share more stuff when we get back. Have an awesome weekend!

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