Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free ABC book

This is not really a craft, but I made it, so it is blog worthy. I learned about a site called hot prints from this cute blog.

I have been wanting to make Brady an ABC book, with pictures of him for the letters. For example, A is for apple, and there would be a picture of Brady with an apple. I was just going to make a scrapbook, or do a picture album, but this is such a cute idea, I had to steal it.

It is kinda flimsy, definitely not shutterfly quality, but for free it is awesome. And free shipping too! Brady really likes it. I should have waited for his birthday, but he has had a hard week, and I love to spoil him.

Here is a page from his book

It also has all of his family in it, so he can pick out his favorites. (Always cousin Zack)

Daddy was so nice to read Brady's new book to him

See those bags under his eyes? Check out our family blog to see why.

Next month I think I will do a 2009 book. The month after, maybe a 2008 book. My options are endless! If you like making photo books, then try these out for free!

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