Saturday, April 17, 2010

Felt Letters

Brady and I are starting to work on learning his letters, well I already know them, but he is learning. :) So far every letter is B and R. Which is great progress since those are the first two letters of his name. I mean he is only 21 months.

I decided that he needed some letters to look at and play with. I have seen cute rag letters that I really liked, but Brady is still a bit young. It would be one more thing left in the play room. I like magnet letters, but I was afraid they would scratch the fridge. So I combined the two and made felt magnetic letters and numbers.

They are just two layers of felt sewn together, with a magnet in the middle. I hand sewed them because it was actually quicker than sewing them on the sewing machine. They may not be safe for children who tend to eat things, because of the magnet, but Brady is pretty much past that stage.

Where is the R? Missing already! Don't worry I found it later in the pantry.
Of course the letters need a place to live so I also made a little bag for them. That way they don't always have to be on the fridge.

He really likes playing with them, hopefully he will be reading by two, right?


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