Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personalized Labels

I wanted to show you how to make personalized labels to go onto your creations. Even if the things you make are just for yourself, or gifts and not to sell, it is still a nice way to add a fun extra to your item. This can also be a way to add a tag to your child's clothing so that things do not get lost. The options are endless, but the process is so easy!
The supplies you will need are:

Ribbon - I like grosgrain, but my favorite to use for this project is twill tape.
Paint - acrylic or fabric paint, color of choice
Scrap felt - I used white, but it does not matter.
Stamps - You can order a custom stamp, but I used some wonderful hand me down stamps from my mom.

So first you want to decide on your label design. Once you have decided on your design of your label, you put down some paint, with felt on top. You let the paint seep through and use the felt as an ink pad.
Then you start stamping your design on your twill tape. I keep the tape all together so that it is easier to store, and cut a label off as I need it.
Here are my two designs, the bottom one I fold over and use like the produce bags, the top one I use to sew more like a flat clothing label.
After I had stamped the entire roll of twill, I ironed it, but that is just because I heard one time that you are supposed to heat set acrylic paint. I do not think that is necessary if you are using fabric paint.
So there you have it. Ready to cut and use. The options are endless. Imagine with different colors and fun, fancy stamps. I told you it was easy. Now go personalize something!

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