Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play Dough

I used to have a recipe for homemade play dough that my Mom used when I was little, sadly I lost it, so I was really excited when I came across this one. It looked promising and we wanted to give it a try.
Just because a recipe calls for you to do something, that does not mean you always have to do it. For example if you think that a recipe calls for you to pour water into hot oil, over your gas stove, and you think it is not wise, it probably is not! I did not use my best judgement, and stupidly I poured water into hot oil, over a open flame, gas stove! Thank God that Brady was not near the stove, but we were both terrified when the fire started! Seriously, a fire on the stove! I screamed and tried to comfort the terrified Brady, sitting at the island, while Jeremy saved us and put the fire out.  
I am so thankful that Jerm was there, and even more thankful that no one, and nothing was hurt. I learned my lesson.
The play dough turns out, is just fine if you mix the cold water and cold oil together, and then heat them slowly and stir in everything else. As you can tell Brady really liked it, and so did I. I will be making it again, but lets just say, it was a lesson learned!

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