Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reusable Produce Bags

I am really tired of the plastic produce bags that you get from the grocery store. I have seen plain ole ugly, reusable, slightly expensive produce bags at the store. I immediately thought I could make those cheaper, and cuter too!
I got these lingerie bags at the dollar spot at Target. I have also seen them at the dollar store. Both places had the bags, two for a dollar.
They are a small size with a zipper on them. I cut the zipper off of the bag, but saved that for a later project. (I don't see the sense in throwing away zippers, when I will have to pay for them otherwise. Takes more time, but I think they are still usable.) 
I could of used scraps, but I did buy this fabric at the store, with a coupon of course. I like it because it has both fruit and veggies.
I cut the fabric in strips, about twice the width of the bag, so that it could go all the around the bag.Then I ironed it to kind of create a binding or casing.

Here is the fabric cut and ironed ready to sew around my bag.

I sewed the ends of the fabric strips so that it looks nice and neat.
After pinning the strips in place all around the top edge of the bag. I made sure to sew completely around the edges of the bag and make sure the sides were secure and there are no holes, you don't want any chance for the bag edges to unravel.
(I know, the sewing is kinda crazy, I was moving fast and not being too careful. Normally not so wonky.)
You also want to be sure that there is an opening in your casing for you to insert ribbon to close the bag.  Once you insert your ribbon of choice with a safety pin, tie the ribbon, and heat seal the ends of the ribbon, you are done. I did this three more times, and I have a set ready for the grocery store.
I also added a 31 tag, to make sure that everyone eyeing my bags at the store knows they are mine! It has a 31 on one side and a heart on the other. (Making these tags is easy and fun, I will show you how in a few days.)
No more of these ugly, not environmentally friendly, plastic bags.
Now we have cute, green, earth loving bags. these bags are sturdy, but you and the checker at the grocery can still see your produce in there. They are light weight so you are not adding extra weight to scale when buying your veggies.  
Don't my peaches look happier?

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  1. good for you, melissa!!! i made pledge this year to make my kitchen as green as possible (no more paper or plastic) and making these bags was one of the first things I did (yours are much sturdier than mine, though). I love using mine and always get comments (and some queer looks). I'm so grateful that other people are starting to take a look at how they can be better stewards of our environment and our resources!

  2. Great idea! So much better than all that plastic. This is one I definitely will be making. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. What a great idea! I recently scored a load of white mesh bags from the grocery store which originally contained potatoes, for FREE! My husband keeps asking what I am going to do with them and now I have an answer. Thank you!

  4. That is an amazing idea! Love your cute fabric. I am going to make some of these. Thanks!

  5. Love that idea! Found you at the Shabby Nest. Can't wait to learn how to make those cute tags!


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