Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Decor

Okay, so I lied. I did not get to posting this weekend. But today is better than never right?
I literally did this stuff right after labor day. It has been up in the house (getting dusty) since, and I am just now blogging about it. There were a few more projects I really wanted to do before Thanksgiving, and maybe it will still happen, but I would rather get ready for Christmas instead.

Here are some of the things I made this fall.
After having leftover acorns from my wreath, I decided to put them in a vase for a fall touch.
(I made sure all the acorns were very dried out and bug less before bringing them into the house.)
 I tied some twine and ribbon around the base and they have a nice fall feel.
Also with the twine I made some fall frames.
 I found some old frames in the goodwill pile
 I covered the metal one with masking tape, because other wise I was not sure my hotglue would stick
 I slowly glued the twine all around the frame until it was covered.
 And I now have a fall frame that has been saved from the goodwill pile
I used the other frame too. I covered this one in dollar store leaves.
 Excuse the bad picture, but it is covered in leaves, and really cute. Even craft scrooge, Jerm thought it was.
 Because there were a million leaves in one pack, and I bought two, I was able to make a leaf garland for the fireplace.
 I slowly just added more leaves as I was sewing, so easy!
 The last thing I did with the leaves, was just put them in another vase, and of course add twine.
 Pretty vase of leaves
That scarecrow came from this deconstructed dollar store wreath.
 After adding some other fake leaves I had lying around, with of course hot glue, I got this beauty.
 The "Give Thanks" sign was done on a piece of scrap wood. Wouldn't it look so much better in vinyl, with a circut? A girl can dream.

This behind the kitchen sick arrangement, was a dollar store decorative broom I tore up, and plain ole dollar store pumpkins. I like them the way they are but the options are endless.
 Of course our decor includes pumpkin candy corns!
And a garland with more pumpkins around my candles, on the table.

I think that is it! It is really fun to decorate for the holidays, and I cannot wait to add to it year after year. I hope you are truly blessed, as I am this holiday season.

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