Thursday, November 11, 2010

More baby stuff

What a month! If you want to, even care, you can read all about our craziness on my family blog. Life is starting to get back to normal and I am so excited! I even sewed something on Sunday. I have soooo many projects that still need to be done. So I am ready to get back to work.

When my mom was here, almost two months ago, I made some things for her to take back to Houston. My cousin is having a baby girl, so I made some things for her to get at her baby shower. Her shower was this past weekend so I can finally post them.

As normal I was in a hurry, but here are the rushed pictures.

Everything tied up in a bow
Minky and Cotton Blanket
Front of Chenilled bib
 Back of Chenilled Bib
 Two Chenilled Burp Cloths
 Baby legs with ruffles and fabric flowers (the ruffles are hiding)
 A Minky and Cotton, Crunchy, Ribbon, Blankie 

 I love making baby things! Can you tell?
I have needed to post my fall decor things that have been up since the day after labor day! That will be my blogging goal this weekend.
Hope you are all blessed! 

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