Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am still alive!

Barely... Just kidding, kind of. If you read my family blog, you know that I have been working for the past month or so. Working at least 45 hours per week at that. This has been quite an adjustment for me, and being in the part of my pregnancy where the only free time is spent sleeping, it has been exhausting.

 I had a four day weekend this past weekend, and it was spent cleaning, resting, having family fun, and spending much needed time with my favorite men.

I really miss crafting and blogging. They are two of my favorite hobbies, and I can;t wait to get back on track. My position only lasts for the election and I should finish next week, although we may be looking at a recount so who knows. I hope to get back to blogging this weekend, but for sure the weekend after.

Hope you all are blessed.

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