Monday, October 31, 2011

You ought to know...

I wanted to share a few random sites and shops that if you do not already know about, you ought to.

First off can I just share that a marriage is one of the most important but hardest things you will ever work on. I think you learn constantly with everything you do, and there is always room to grow! Though each marriage is different, they can all grow, and use knowledge from others.
The first you ought to know is a facebook page by my friend Christina called my marriage matters to me. The name says it all. Make sure you check it out, and like it!

Amanda is a friend of mine from church, and I have learned so much from her. God has really used her and she is inspirational to me. Her and her husbands testimony is all God, and she is really a blessing in my life. She has an awesome book, Prayers of agreement for wives, and facebook page. It is so important to pray for your husbands, and this book is a wonderful way to do it. Starting tomorrow, Nov. 1st we will be praying together for the month. Even if you do not have the book, you can pray along with facebook, just "like" the page.

Next is a new bloggy friend, Teresa. She makes and sells beautiful jewelry, and also has a blog and facebook page. Go on and "like" her as well.

If you have never been inspired by this next lady, then read her blog and you will. She is going through some crazy medical problems right now, but she still is able to be strong and beautiful. So many people are praying for her and her family, but I know that her story is helping others and we can all praise God for her healing. Have I also mentioned how ridiculously talented she is? Oh and my toilet paper wreath was featured on her little ole (really it is HUGE) blog! I was starstruck!

Last for today is a shop that needs no intro. Stefani ordered some nail shields, and I did not realize that she was behind this super famous etsy shop. Well I had to get some pendants, and she even threw in a few surprises for me. They are so cute and fun. I am thinking I need a charm bracelet of different pendants. This is just one of the five I have. Addicting, but very reasonably priced, they would make a great gift!

Well those are my suggestions for today. Do you know how much you help a business or page by liking them, or buying from a handmade shop? A ton! So help someone out, and look at the links above! Do you have any links that I need to check out? Any handmade Christmas shopping I should know about, I would love to hear about them!

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