Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Crayons

So this will be my last valentines post, promise, well maybe. :)

I have seen ideas for making your own crayon shapes everywhere, so when I saw a silicon heart mold at the dollar spot at Target, I knew Brady needed some heart shaped crayons for Valentines day. (Ha, ha, like that kid needs ANYTHING!) This might be a dangerous present because Brady recently has been coloring on the floor any chance he gets, and I did not get the washable crayons, thank goodness for magic eraser!

This would be a fun thing to do with older kids, and a great way to use all those broken crayons.

On how does she, she shows her method of doing it. Great Blog by the way, I even used an idea of hers for Jerm's v-day present too. Maybe I will share after Sunday, but a hint is it also has to do with crayons :).

You just break up your crayons and put them in the tray.

Bake at 325 for 15 min and then let them set. Pop them out and you have heart shaped crayons.

The first time I set the mold on a pan in a slight water bath. The second time, I just set it on a pan and look what happened!

Ahhh! I did not try again, but I suggest maybe the water bath.

I made a little love envelope for Brady's crayons and also some candy, out of felt.

Hope he likes his little Valentines day present, and I really hope he doesn't try these on the floor!


  1. Cute idea!
    I still have the Easter eggs candles I made when we lived in the little red house (on Capri). I colored the wax with crayons and poured it into real egg shells that I had emptied through a very small hole. I used to love doing crafts, but it is so much easier just following yours!
    Love, GM H

  2. You are so good at the things you do, I should copy them and blog about it. Brady is sleeping in his bed with the blanket you made him right now! I think the craftiness is in my blood! Love you!


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