Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's shirt

I normally would not do this, but because Valentine's day is on a Sunday this year, I made Brady a shirt. He has to look cute for all of his little girlfriends at church.

Have you seen all those cute little tie onezies? I think they are so cute, and I knew I could make one so I did!

It was easy, except the fact that I did not buy the correct thing! I thought I was buying a fusible webbing, or fabric iron transfer. But with the helpfulness of my little 19 month old shopping buddy, I grabbed iron-on interfacing. Because I am impatient, I went ahead anyway. I did well, but of course my little tie is crooked. Oh well, Jerm says it adds to the craftiness. Haha!

My finished shirt

My pant less, always moving model.

On Saturday we had family pictures, with my husbands entire family, and we got a good pic of Brady in the shirt, so I will have to post those when I get them.

We will probably have a very low key Valentine's day. What about you anyone have any good plans?


  1. Cuteness! Sean has a tie onesie too, but I bought his, haha. Yours looks great. What a cute lil man.
    Just last week I did something similar for my son. Sean has his 6 mo birthday the 12th. I saw a woman make a shirt for her little boy with a 2 on it. So I decided Sean needed one with a "1/2" on it! It was so small i had to do mostly hand stitching, but i like how it turned out. I'll have to take pictures soon and post em!
    And about V day, my husband said he wasn't finding anything fun. We'll probably do pretty much nothing, haha. oh well.

  2. Happy 1/2 Sean! You will have to take pictures and post them! With Brady I took a picture of him each month, and with a future a baby, I think it would be cute to have a number on the shirt for how many months old they are.
    Everyday is V-day for lucky ladies like us! Ha ha!


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