Sunday, February 14, 2010

new-old sweater

Before I get to my latest project, I wanted to show you what I got Jerm for Valentines day. I didn't take pictures, but I got him a little shower caddy with bath crayons. You might be thinking I got Brady and Jerm mixed up, but nope I got Jerm crayons. These are for love notes in the shower to one another. I hope Jerm gets into it, but regardless I look forward to encouraging him each day. I got the idea on how does she, she really has some awesome ideas.

Now back to my sweater. I was reading a blog that my fabulous friend Michelle suggested to me, and fell in love. I was reading and I noticed this sweater re-do that she did, and I had that same sweater! I couldn't stand that sweater, and I never wore it, so I decided to try what she did.

It was really easy. Here is everything set out ready to sew.

It turned out okay, but I still don't really like it. I think it would be cute if I was pregnant, so I will save it, just in case :).

Here is a pic of me in the sweater with Brady, he is being difficult with pictures, as usual!


  1. I have that sweater also in black and green. How did you change it( I need a cute prego sweater).

  2. Bring your sweater to craft day, and we will figure it out!


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