Friday, February 5, 2010

My little Lion

Brady is getting so big now, (he is 19 months) and he is growing out of many things, including his hooded towels. I really like the hooded part of baby towels, but they are too small. Kid hooded towels, like the amazing ones at Pottery Barn, are too expensive.

So I cut up an old, regular, mis-colored towel we already had, (why do they get like that?) and made a hooded towel. Brady couldn't just have any hooded towel, he needed something speacial, so I made him a lion.
Here are all my pieces, cut and layed out, ready to sew. I made brown triangles sewn together, for the mane. I also added some ears.

The finished product

And of course, every lion needs a tail.

Isn't my little lion sweet, he loves to roar in his new towel. He is only still because Nana is holding him down, Thanks Nana! Also, he had a cold, and his poor little nose was wiped so much, that it was red and so sore. :( Don't worry he is all better now, and he never slowed down!

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