Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 minute hair clip

Last weekend while getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends. I thought my hair needed a little something extra. I decided to quickly make a little flower clip. It took me about 5 minutes, with taking pictures, and both boys were awake! 
First you will need a few supplies. I had all of these on hand so it cost me nothing! 
I always save all of my bobby pins each time I get an updo, so I never need to buy those. The satin fabric was from the lining of a dress that I shortened for a friend. And everything else was in my stash. 

First you cut your satin to the size circles you like, I think the less perfect the better. Cut concentric circles, so that you will be able to see the layers, I cut 6. 

Then you gently burn the edges. I like to use a candle, because it seems safer, and I never have been good at working lighters. If your circle catches on fire, that's okay just quickly burn them out. 

Now you can start hot gluing the layers down. Just a small amount in the middle will do. Start with your biggest circle and go smaller. On top of your last circle, glue a little jewel or you could also hand sew some seed beads. That would be very cute, but might take more than 5 minutes, and when you are already running late...

After your flower is done, simply glue it to a bobby pin or even a clip. Mine was sloppy, but who will see?
Put it in your hair and you are ready to go! 
Speaking of hair, I love doing my hair this way. I have been looking for cute ways to put up my hair, since it is always up anyway. I saw this hairstyle on I am Momma here me roar, and tried it. It looks great, keeps me cool, takes 5 minutes, and I can do it right out of the shower.

(Pre make up)

Saturday night after we got home, I did this heatless curls trick to my hair for church the next morning. And it looked great too. Love how blogs provide me with such great ideas!


  1. LOVE your hair. I make these clips all the time. Pretty sure the girls have one in every color! They are so easy and fast to make! Wish we lived closer so we could craft together!

  2. I bet is so much fun making girl stuff! I wish we lived close too! Maybe a craft day next time I am there!


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