Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts - 2

Life is slooowly getting back to normal and on a schedule. Last night Bryson slept from around 8 to 5, and Brady slept from 8:30 to 7! It was so awesome! It is still very hard to get things accomplished, but I am starting to. I know that it will be so soon before both boys are grown up and want nothing to do with me, and I will have nothing but time!
 One of my friends had a baby girl a long while back. I am just finally getting around to posting what I made for her. Though I love making boy stuff, I really like making girly things because I do not get to do them very often. In fact another dear friend, who did not know the sex of her baby, had a girl yesterday, so I am hoping to be able to make some more cute girl things very soon.
For my friend's baby girl, I had a pink dyed onesie that I did a simple appliqued heart on.
 I included some ruffled baby legs to match.
And also a minky and cotton appliqued blanket to match. They all turned out really cute, and made a nice little gift. Who doesn't love giving sweet baby gifts?
I have a few more things to share, so I hope that it does not take me a month for my next post! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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