Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brother Shirts

Back before Bryson was born, and we did not yet know if he was a boy or a girl, I made some shirts. I of course made Brady a big brother shirt, but I also made a little sister shirt, and little brother shirt.
Before I could finish the little brother shirt, Bryson was born. I saved the little sister shirt to re-gift to a friend I have in mind, and I never did finish the little brother shirt.
Finding a simple shirt in kids sizes can be hard. I think the best thing to do is to find a plain white shirt and dye it in the color you like. For the big brother shirt, I did the normal heat and bond to fuse the fabric, and then I sewed around each letter with the sewing machine. I also used a light interfacing for the back to hold all those stitches in.
For the little brother and little sister shirt, I used heat and bond for the letters, and was going to hand stitch around each letter. I knew that with the sewing machine the letters would be too small to look right. I loved the hand embroidered look on the shirts. Because I ran out of time to stitch the letters on the little brother shirt, Ijust stuck with the heat and bond fabric fuse. Surprisingly it held up pretty well.
It has been washed quite a few times, and no letters came off, but they are starting to peal up around the edges.

The boys got a few wears out of them. Bryson has grown out of his, but Brady still is proud to be a big brother and you can tell by how it is atarting to fade. I never got a picture of them in the shirts together. Every time they both wore it, someone had some sort of bodily malfunction! I love shirts like this for gifts. Every older sibling needs a little something special, and they can be proud to wear their new shirt announcing their very important role.

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