Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More baby gifts

Last week, our friends back in Texas had their second baby. We are so excited for them, and really miss them. Especially since we are kinda on the same life plan, and we have so much fun with them, when we can get together. They also kept the baby a surprise, and it is a girl! We can not wait to meet her!

I made her a little pillowcase dress and a matching headband. It was very simple, and I wish I had time to make her more things, but time just is not on my side right now.
 Confession time. I totally tried this on Bryson to see if it would fit. It did! Not his proudest moment, but he will never know. I thought he would look like a girl, but he just looked like a boy in a dress.
Since Bryson was born, I have seen how important it is to also give the older siblings a little something when you give a gift. Just the thought can go a long way to curb jealousy issues. So I made big brother a shirt to announce his new gig.

I love this version, and I copied the idea, here.
Paired with a few extra non handmade things, and I think we sent the perfect gift!
By the way, how are my pictures looking? Little better? Guess who got a new camera? I am in Love!

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