Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Hearts

On with the toilet paper roll series. I have been having so much fun seeing all the different ways I can use toilet paper rolls. I need more toilet paper rolls for everything I have planned!

I recently started a picture wall in our house. I wanted to add a few things that were not just pictures, but had a little meaning, and I also wanted to add a bit of teal.
 I used a few tp rolls, scissors, and a glue gun. When cutting the sections, I made sure they were all even.

 I started by making some larger circles. By cutting the sections in half I could then glue them together to make a larger circle.

After making a larger circle, I shaped them into hearts and glued them making sure they would stay.

Now you could do whatever you wish with your hearts.
Paint them red and hang them for valentines day.

Make a heart pyramid.
Or make a heart wreath.
I chose to make a heart wreath. I even chose to have 7 hearts for a reason. Silly as it may sound. There are 4 in our family. Two dogs. And we someday will add another little blessing to our family. So that makes 7.
After I glued the hearts together, and had them the way I wanted, I painted the wreath with some acrylic paint. (I could have saved so much time and spray painted it, I even have the same color in spray paint. But, sometimes I like to just sit and mindlessly paint something. Therapy.)
So what do you think? Look okay, or is it looking like trash up on the wall. Either way, I like it for now. I am almost done with my photo wall, and I am really liking it. I will take better pictures when it is all done.
Need some more tp roll ideas? Check out these awesome inspirations.

I have some more Toilet paper roll art planned for our bedroom, so make sure you check back soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature!

    Your project turned out great! And I love your color choice!



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