Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Tree Pillow with TP roll Leaves

My usage of toilet paper rolls in crafting is becoming a little obssesive, but at least it is free! Our recent craft was made by both Brady and I, and I love it! I am not really ready for fall, even though it is probably my favorite time of year. This pillow helped me out, and I think I am now ready to get out some fall decorations, and I am looking forward to all of our fun fall traditions.
 For our pillow we used some canvas type fabric, it is pretty tough stuff. Not really comfy, but resilent, and worked great with the paints we used.
 To start I painted Brady's arm and hand brown and we stamped the fabric so that it looked like the base of our tree.
This is when Brady got side tracked, it happens easily, so he decided to paint some fabric of his own. He made a nice pillow, with jingle bells in it, out of the fabric. 
 Meanwhile, I used sections of a toilet paper roll to stamp leaves all around my tree. I did one color at a time, and used green, red, teal, and yellow. 
I let each color dry before starting a new one.  

You can speed up this process with a blow dryer. (Brady paints in his underwear. This stuff stains, and I have enough laundry with my precious, explosive pooping baby.) 
 My favorite part is the heart with the Y, for our last name, and the year on the tree. I did this with a toothpick.
Once all is dry, I added some ribbon along the top and bottom that my Mom got me from Russia, isn't it pretty? 
I sewed it all together, with an invisable zipper at the bottom, so that it can fit on our current couch pillows.
And there it is, all done. A fall pillow, and it can be used year after year, and since it is just a cover, it will not take up too much storage space.
Anyone else gearing up for fall?


  1. You are my shout out blog today!!! I love your TP crafts.

  2. Wow that is a great idea. What a beautiful pillow-I've pinned this idea for future reference.


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