Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New, old shoes

Brady had some super cute converse shoes that he never wore because they would take too long to tie the laces. And those laces would come undone all the time. They were just too frustrating for him to wear.

I decided that if I added just a little elastic, I could make them much more wearable for him.
 I simply took the laces out, and cut some 1/2" wide elastic to fit the size of the opening of the shoe.
 Little shoes are just too cute! 
Once I had the elastic where I wanted it, I sewed it on the shoe. It was pretty hard sewing with the shoe in the way, so it might be easier to hand sew it. 
 After I sewed both sides, he is ready to run, jump, and play. Easy fix, and now it is like we have a brand new pair of shoes.

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