Friday, January 29, 2010


For Christmas my wonderful Mom and Step-dad gave me a crochet starter set. I immediately fell in love. It is similar to knitting, but I think there are more things and options you can do with crochet. It took me two hours, trying to teach myself out of the book I received, but after a 6o second video online, it clicked and there was no turning back.
My first project was a ruffled scarf. I found the pattern in the book, but it is very similar to this project. It was super easy, and a great beginner project.
Sorry, I did not feel like modeling, but it is really cute on.

My second project was a hat. I was trying to make a baby hat. BUT I ended up making a big hat for myself. It is kind of a beanie, or a really cool hair net! Not what I had imagined, but wearable, and a great learning experience.

A motion shot of Brady wearing the hat. (He sits still for NOTHING!)

So give crocheting a try. You can find hundreds of videos and lessons online, and once you start, you won't stop!

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