Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby stuff

Some of my first sewing projects were baby gifts I was trying to make for a friend. I made a bib, burp cloths, diaper case, and diaper wipes case. I actually ended up finding a cuter fabric, so everything I made I did not give to my friend. (Any little girls need some cute stuff?)

With my first project, I learned a few things...
- Iron everything
- Get a rotary cuter
- Learn how to sew straight (still learning) :)
- If you are going to blog about it, get a better camera (Still waiting on that one)

Here is what I made...

I used this tutorial along with a pattern I had, for the bib. Easy and quick.
pre-sewn bib (Please forgive my pictures, I realize that my camera is not the best for this type of picture taking.)

Finished bib, I still may add a little bow on the pocket

I used this tutorial for the burp cloth. It was really so easy, you don't need a tutorial.
Here are the pre-sewn burp cloths. I used a nice terry cloth on one side.

Finished burp cloths

For the diapers and wipes case, I used the links that Samster Mommy used. Once again these were super easy, and you almost did not need a tutorial or pattern.

Wipes case materials

Finished wipes case

Finished diaper case

Everything finished!

I learned a ton, but most of all I had a blast. Have any little baby gifts to buy soon? Try something like this and Mom and baby will love it.

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