Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Present

Along with making stuff for the baby shower, I also made the present I gave.

It was a lot of little things, so this post may be long.

I crocheted a baby blanket, similar to this one.

Made some more prudent baby burp cloths.

Another bib, this time it is reversible, and has a J on it.

Big bro and Little bro shirts
I loved these, and I will definitely make more of these for future gifts.

I used iron on fusible webbing for the letters

And I also sewed around the letters to make sure they were not coming off.

Lastly I added an iron-on light interfacing so everything would stay secure.

A prudent baby hooded towel

Car seat cover
I am proud of this one, because it is pretty original, and I did not use a pattern. It was super easy, though.
Becky and I saw one similar to this in the mall one day, and she really liked it.
Because the baby will be little while it is warm outside, I made it out of lightweight cotton, but it could be made with fleece or something else for the winter.

Unlike car seat tents (which are really cute), it has a hole in the top so you can easily see how baby is doing.

It is elastic on the bottom, so it can easily fit different car seats.

It is also reversible, love that fabric.

Finally, I put a little baby book and all the things I made in a basket, and it made a great present.


  1. I am still in awe of all the stuff you made for me! You are awesome and I am looking forward to using it all.


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