Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Shower Week - games

After decorating onesies, we played two additional games.

We played one of my favorites, present bingo. While mom to be, Becky opened her wonderful presents, everyone else was playing Bingo. Instead of making time consuming Bingo cards, I made blank bingo cards, and everyone filled them in. Each square was something they thought she would receive as a gift. This was so much easier on me, and everyone had fun because they were basically guessing what she would get. I had a list of suggestions in case anyone was stumped, and I also suggested that everyone put down what they got her. Both first and second place received a prize

I forgot to take pictures, but it was fun and some of those ladies got pretty competitive.

I also had everyone write diaper notes. I pieces of card stock cut into diaper shapes, and everyone took a note or two and wrote down some advice or encouraging words. We placed them in an empty diaper wipe container I decorated. Now when Becky is changing the 50th dirty diaper of the day, she can take a break and hopefully smile at one of the notes written to her.

All the activities were fun, and I think everyone had a good time with them.

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