Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Onesies

First off, today is my birthday, so you should leave a comment and wish me happy birthday. ;)

Fine, enough begging for birthday wishes, on with baby shower week.
One of our "games" was decorating onesies. We had a variety of sizes of onesies for everyone to decorate. I also dyed some of the onesies blue so that there would be a variety of color. They turned out kinda tie dyed, but it looked neat.

Everyone picked a onesie, we had different colors and sizes.

Then we decorated them with fabric markers, fabric, some appliques, and fusible webbing.

I was so happy with how much everyone got into it.

We all hung them back on the clothes pins to display them, sorry forgot to take a picture of that. Here are the results.
Pirate ship

Baby Brother, love the ric-rac

My tie onesie, I was kind of running around like crazy, otherwise I might have been more creative.

tie dyed front

and back

this side up


mod baby

wild thing

heart breaker

Cute owl

Becky picked the one she liked best, and they got a prize.

The winner! Isn't it cute? Only 16 and a wonderful artist.

Everyone had fun, and Jeramiah will be one cool looking baby.

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