Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby's Room Paint

The only thing even resembling crafting I have done the past week has been painting the baby's room. I ran into all kinds of trouble with the room, and I am so happy it is done. Originally I wanted the stripes to be different, but I think they look okay. I am really not happy with the color, but I think once everything is in the room and things are on the wall I will like it.

I have a picture of me painting Brady's room but with his name on the wall. We don't know the name of this little one, but I still wanted a picture of me painting. Too bad it is a horrible belly pic, oh well.
 The painting itself did not take too long, but getting the stripes straight took way too long.
 One wall has the stripes, The other 3 walls area lighter yellow, and the ceiling is white.  
 As straight as they are going to get.
 I thought the colors would look okay in the store, but I don't know. Maybe they will grow on me.
So excited to get the rest of baby's room done. I can't wait to cuddle my new baby in the room in just a few months!

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