Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines Day Runner

It is sooo chilly outside here and we have been stuck in doors. (It was -12 degrees this morning while in the car!) We can't be warmed by the sun so I have been making a few things around the house for Valentines Day, to make us all a little more lovely. I did not plan on making much, but I just did not stop. And the best part is that I only spent about 4 dollars! Everything else is from my stash that I already have. So this week will be about sharing all of our easy cheap Valentines Day goodies, so I hope you check back.

First up is a scrappy runner for our table. It is simply ruffled fabric scraps and some ribbon sewn onto a piece of fabric. Easy, easy.
I took many strips of pink fabric from my scrap pile, and ruffled the strips. I did not even finish the edges because I liked an unfinished look on such girly fabric. You can cut on the bias and it won't fray as much, but I was not worried about it, so I just left it as is. After I had laid out all of my strips, I sewed them down the middle onto a long white piece of cotton.
Once all of my strips were sewn on, I sewed another white piece of cotton with right sides together. Clipped corners, turned right side out. and sewed shut. I pressed the underside to make sure everything would lie like I wanted to, and done! I told you it was easy and quick.
This would be a great project for a beginning sewer to learn on because it is really just straight lines. It adds just a little more love to our table. Now it just needs a delicious meal on it... wonder who will be making that?

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