Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Mail

Out of all of our Valentines things this year, I am most excited about the mail bags that I made for Brady and little baby. I have seen these cute mail bags at Pottery Barn Kids for a few years and always thought that I could make those. I can't find them online now, but I did see some similar in the store this year. 
Of course I think that about a ton of things at PBK. This time I tried, and I really love how they turned out.
The best thing about them is how easy they were to make, and for two bags they cost less than $4! Want to make some and see how easy they are?
What you will need:
(I actually made two bags out of this amount)
3 pieces of large size stiff red felt ($3)
1 smaller piece of stiff white felt (.79)
scrap ribbon
sewing machine or embroidery floss
optional glue

First you want to cut your pieces of felt, ribbon, and velcro:
-back and fold over red piece- 18" x 8.5"
-front red piece - 9" x 8.5"
- two side red pieces - 9" x 2"
- one bottom red piece - 8.5" x 2"
- 2" white letters
- 2" hearts white and a smaller red
- 4.5" x 2" white piece with mail slot 
- 2" of velcro
- two 23" ribbon pieces with heat sealed ends (you may want to make these longer depending on where your bags will be tied)

Once all of your pieces are cut you can begin putting on your embellishments. Make sure you cut a hole for you mail, and sew on your Velcro first so that your heart can cover up the stitching. Place your Velcro so that the back/flap piece and front will attach once the bag is complete.
I had to sew mine due to the fact that I am losing my mind, and everything thing else including my glue, but a fabri-tac glue could work well also. I added curves to my corners, and sewed around the front flap with a white thread to add a bit more to the front.
Sew on your hearts, MAIL letters, and you white mail slot. I also added my ribbons at this point, but make sure you pin them out of the way, so they do not get caught up when sewing your bag together.
You should now have a front piece with Velcro on it, a bottom piece, and two side pieces. You should also have a back/flap piece with Velcro on the underside, hearts on front, a hole for the mail with a white edging for the hole, the MAIL letters, decorative hearts, and two ribbons on the back side.
Now that everything is sewn on, you only have to put your bag together. I sewed side pieces to the front first, with wrong sides facing. Next was the bottom piece, again with wrong sides facing, and taking special care around the corners.
Lastly you can sew on your already embellished back/flap piece, with wrong sides facing each other and watching your corners. Snip threads, remove your pins, and you are done! The explanation/ wannabe tutorial might not have been easy, but I promise, this is way easy in person. Please ask for any questions.
They make a great addition to our Valentines decor. Best part is that we get to leave love notes and a surprise for Brady to find each morning.
Yesterday it was two candy hearts with a note, and today it was some new matchbox cars from my stash with a note. He loves to run downstairs and see what mail he has gotten that morning. You never know, his love language could be receiving gifts, and lets be honest it is fun to spoil your kids a little.

Pottery barn kids made a pretty cute bag, but for 20 or so dollars a piece for 14 days, I think I will stick with these. Thanks for looking, and check back the rest of this week for a few more valentines day crafts.

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