Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Art

I guess is what you call it.
Our shelves in the living room were looking bare after the Christmas holidays, so I have to come up with something.
I found this cute free printable and framed it.
And this heart was made using scrapbook paper, and little rosettes made out of tissue paper.
Behind it is a vase filled with candy hearts, vase filler, and pink pom poms.

This wreath went terribly wrong from what I wanted, but it still is up, so I am not caring that much.
I really wanted a wreath covered in these white ball thingys, to be nice and winter like. But I did not have any white paint, so I did not paint the wreath before I started gluing on the little balls.
After they were all on, you could see too much green from the wreath form, so I decided to paint it pink. At that point I did not really care anymore. Ah oh well, it comes down soon anyway.

Well, that is all of the valentines day decor/ crafts I have... this year.
Thanks for looking, and
Happy Valentine's Day!

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