Friday, February 25, 2011

GO Baby!

As I talked about in this post, I received a fabulous present for Christmas, this Go baby cutter. I actually got this bias tape machine from my wonderful Hubby, and I was super excited. I was proud that he went to 2 craft/fabric stores to do research. If you know Jerm, then you know he must love me to do that. He let me know which ones he was looking at, and I did a little research. I decided to go with the one he did not pick, the Go baby. It can do more, than just cut strips of fabric, and I was able to get a great deal. I got it for 50% off, and $100 less than the original present I received. It is also very compact so it can easily be stored in my craft area.
The only down side I see so far is the expense of the dies themselves. I actually paid more for the die and mat I bought, than the cutter itself. But that is okay, I am getting so much use out of it, and they should last for quite awhile. Here is just a little example of how much time it saves me.

This day, I was making 2 1/2" strips to make bias tape. Normally this would take me a long time, and they would turn out a bit wonky and not perfectly measured. 

Here are the die and cutting mat.  
First I set my fabric on the die. I folded my fabric so that it would cut through 4 layers of fabric, and end up making 2 long strips. This can easily cut 6 layers of fabric at a time.
Set the cutting mat on top, and start to turn the handle, which will push the die and mat through the cutter.
After the entire die, fabric, and mat are through, you take off the mat and this is what you find.
Take off your scraps.
And you are left with your perfectly cut strips. I was able to cut 20 perfect strips in about 20 minutes, with Brady's time consuming assistance. : ) Cutting these strips with my rotary cutter and ruler would have taken at least one hour, without my assistant. And they would not be perfect, like these.
I loooove it! Check back to see what I do with all of those strips next week.

I can not wait to try out the other dies. This 5x5 inch square will be my next purchase, and will really speed up my next project.

I also want this die. Mostly for the 4 1/2 inch square, but I am sure I can find other uses too.
So many, ideas. This thing is awesome, and a wonderful present. Thanks so much to my handsome hubby, for a great gift.

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