Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts

Can you tell I am procrastinating on showing you pictures of our everything room? It is not like it is some big secret, or a huge reveal or anything, but this weekend should be a massive move of toys from that room, so a lot will change, and then pics will follow.

I currently know 12 pregnant women! A few weeks ago, it was more, but ladies finally started popping out some cuties! The first was a doctor friend of Jeremy's, who he works with. It is their second little girl, and we wanted to get them a little something. Because I have sooo much stuff, I was able to whip up a few girly things without even going to the store.
 A crunchy ribbon blankie with minky
 Minky burp cloths, for spitting up in style
 And a sweet bib with minky on the back.
Everything turned out nicely, and most important they liked it, yay!    

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