Monday, March 14, 2011

Idea Board

Wow! Time is flying by, and I feel like I can barely keep up. There is a change coming with blogging. If you haven't noticed it is quite sporadic. I have set a goal of twice per week, per blog, so four times per week. After baby comes, only 10 more weeks, then it will be once per week per blog, so twice per week. I think this is quite reasonable. Sorry for the lack of posting but, family, sanity, and sleep come first.
Now, of the few things I made for the wall in the everything room, this is my favorite.
It is my idea, or inspiration board, for ideas of things I want to complete. Of course if I had a picture for all of the ideas in my head, I would need a much bigger board.
I took a piece of cardboard, and some pre-quilted fabric I had left over from something I tried to make for Brady before he was born. I did end up making him a pillow with this, but I still have so much left over. I hot glued it to the card board, and started hot gluing my ribbons on, in the back. The lines on the fabric made it easy to line up the ribbons perfectly. Lastly, I sewed some buttons on to it, and it is done.
The ribbons can hold pictures, or notes or whatever.
Really easy, but I think it is pretty cute.

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