Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Memo Board

This post may be quite boring. But I am diligently working on finishing things for the baby's room, and do not have much time for other crafts. I am making the baby's bedding, and it is taking a lot of time. I am also getting really tired recently. I am hoping it is just a big growth spurt for baby, and that is why I am so tired, but it may be just because I am now in my third trimester. Because I am so tired, I am sleeping in until Brady gets up, and going to bed shortly after he goes to bed. During naptimes, (which are getting shorter and shorter) is bible study, a little cleaning, and a little crafting time. After getting out, and cleaning up everything, I really have little time to craft. It will all get done eventually, I hope at least.
I have been in the process of making our office more functional for us. It is a small room, and we are cramped for space, so everything must be useful. In a few days, I will show you the entire room, how I have tried to make it better for us. But today, I just wanted to show you the memo board I made. It was very hard, let me tell you.
First, you take an empty frame, this one I had around the house, and put a piece of paper in it. You can use decorative scrapbook paper, or a plain piece of white paper. I chose to use plain, but I may add something different later.
Then you, glue a piece of velcro on your dry erase pen, and a piece on the frame.
Now it is ready to hang up and use.
(I can never have enough lists. My hubby thinks I am crazy, but the list making is genetic.)
So simple. I have seen some super cute dry erase boards in blog land, check them out!  

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