Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everything Room

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to fit an office, playroom, craft room, and guest room, all into one tiny space? Well yes it is possible, and though it may not be the best situation, I have made it work! Want to see?
Here are some before pictures.
 Seriously at it's messiest
Here is the room today. At first glance it does not look too different, but it is much more functional, let me show you.
 First, starting to the right of the room, we have a futon like couch. This is what makes this a guest room. It can fold out to be a bed, and even though it is not perfect, it is a place to sleep.
 Next is the book shelf and filing cabinet area. I have mostly craft things up top, and books on the bottom.
 It may not look like much, but I am able to hold almost everything I need in these baskets.
 Normally, big things get piled on the floor until I am ready for them.
 Desk/ sewing table.
 My favorite. My most used crafty things all in one place, where little hands cannot get them. I got the bar thingy and baskets from ikea, and they are working perfectly.  
 To the left of the desk is fabric. Sadly I have an entire tub full of more fabric in the basement. Yikes!
 Next wall is toys! Tons of toys, and they all migrate into the living room often.
 Brady has his own little art and craft corner
 He also has a bin for his art things. Short enough for him to reach, and tall enough so a little baby could not.
 That is the room. It is not my dream room, and sometimes I feel like it is so full it is barely usable, but it works for us. I can do what I need to do in there with plenty of space. Brady can play in there or he normally brings out his toys to the living room. Because of the laptop, we rarely use it as an office, more like office storage. And we aren't expecting too many guests in the next year, to where they will be uncomfortable. It works for now, and that is what matters!
We are working hard to be able to finish our basement within the next year or so. That would give us another 1000 square feet. A pretty good chunk of that is planned to be a guest room/ craft room. At that point the office will only be a office/playroom. It is amazing how much space all of our stuff takes up! Does anyone else have this problem, or should we be cleaning out some junk?

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  1. Enjoyed my "visit" to your "Everything" room. It looks like a fun room. I am just joking, but maybe you could get a place on the Hoarders TV show. I have been giving and throwing things away since Hurricane Ike and still have away too much stuff. Grandma H.


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