Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Car seat cover

One of the only things I was able to sew in the first two weeks after Bryson was born was a Car seat cover. It was essential, and I love it!
I bought this fabric a long while back, and knew it would be used as a car seat cover if the baby was a boy. And he is! If you can't tell I love bright colors for babies, and I think they enjoy it also.  
The Cover was super simple to make. I used about 2 yards of quilting cotton fabric.
You could definitely use a heavier fabric for winter and cooler months.
After cutting the fabric to the size that would fit nicely on on the car seat, I rounded the corners.
Then I sewed right sides together around the edge, with a small opening.
After turning it right side out, and ironing it nice and crisp, I did a top stitch around the edge.
The handles are sewn on the outsides on both sides, so it can be reversible. They stay on the car seat handle with a small strip of velcro, and the handles also have small decorative buttons.
Of course Bryson needed matching strap covers.
Sometimes they even get a little slobbered on.
It stays in the car mostly. Perfect to have on hand for those Colorado afternoon thunder storms. And it really works well as a blanket in a pinch. We love it, and it is so easy to make, try it out!

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  1. You know, I've already got three kids, and always tried to juggle keeping a blanket over the carseat on my way into the grocery store. If we decide to go for one more little one, I am SO making one of these, it just plain old makes sense. I've seen them here and there for awhile now, yours sure is sweet. The fabric is perfect for a little boy and the decorative buttons are adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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