Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I won! And other giveaway nonsense

Yesterday I was looking for something I saw on Sassy Sites in the past, and I came across a post about a winner for a giveaway she had. Low and behold, I won! I was really surprised, because I rarely win anything like that, but mostly because I hardly ever enter. I only enter giveaways if I really want it. Like a Silhouette giveaway  I will enter, but much else, I am normally to lazy.

This giveaway was for some vinyl subway art, and I really wanted it so I entered. Still surprised I won!
Cute Huh? You can also buy one for $25, I think.
Also on the topic of giveaways, I was not that much of a fan of doing a giveaway. I am really happy the way mine turned out, but it did take some poking and prodding to get some entries. I thought it might bring some traffic to the blog, but not really that much.

So I would love your opinions, do you like giveaways? Do you enter them? Would love your input.

I am actually doing another giveaway on another blog for Colorado Springs Giveaways in a month. I hope it turns out well, but I am not sure. Like I said I don't really enter giveaways, so I guess I am sceptical, but who knows.  I did enjoy reading this post the other day on giveaways. Time will tell, and I reserve the right to change my mind.

Hope you are all having an amazing week so far. Be back soon with a little craftiness.

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